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What to Expect

Family Support & Involvement at Columbus Springs

Watching someone you love battle mental illness or an addiction can be heartbreaking. It’s often so overwhelming that it might seem easier to simply ignore it and make excuses for your loved one’s behavior. Unfortunately, in the long run, denial will be more damaging to you, other family members, and above all, the person you are most concerned about. Don’t wait for things to get worse or change on their own — get help right away.

At Columbus Springs, our goal is to create a complete program that focuses on inspiring positive change. That includes involving friends and family members in a loved one’s recovery.

We know that entering recovery can be a scary experience and we are sensitive to every individual’s needs and challenges. Our centralized communication model ensures that patients aren’t pushed to repeat their stories and personal journeys to every therapist and caregiver. We partner with our patients to help them achieve their goals.